M. Kamran Dye Tech (pvt) Ltd


To provide the hygienic and clean atmosphere of toilets, bathrooms, floors and surface areas in the World.


We aim to be an icon for hygienic clean and protected environment from bacteria and viruses.

To educate the public about hygienic and health concern knowledge for toilets, bathrooms, floors and surface area.

To become first safety layers of clean and healthy atmosphere for hygiene and clean toilets and bathrooms and provide shield against bacteria and viruses.    

Quality Statement

We promote quality hygiene and clean products for cleaning of Glass, Toilets, Bathrooms, Surface and Floor.

We understand the necessities and requirements of hygiene and clean area, this is our primary responsibilities to educate the public and create the awareness of hygienic and clean healthy atmosphere among public and institutions.  


We are doing business since 1948 as our first company  Ahmedabad Colour Company under supervision of my Grand Father Haji Noor Mohammad Rang wala (late), Haji Noor Mohammad was expert in Dyes & Chemical business in India before partition and after independence they came in Pakistan and settled in Karachi started an office in Jodia Bazar the heart of business in Karachi .

Sandoz Switzerland base co which is known now a days as Clariant, As one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries. introduced by Haji Noor Mohammad in Pakistan, Haji Noor Mohammad continued to do business  Import of Dyes & Chemicals in Pakistan, then his Son Haji Yousuf Rang wala joined the business with him , Haji Yousuf Rang wala forwarded the business and opened Export House of Manufacturing of printed bed sheets, blankets & carpets in 1990.

In 2000 Mohammad Kamran Rang wala son of Haji Yousuf Rang Wala joined the Business , he formed private limited company and start chemicals cleaning products manufacturing & Export business ,its brand name is “ZARIT” he is successfully growing Dyes & chemicals Import, Export & Manufacturing business     


For provide better protection and awareness we work hard and hard as our commitment, our brands are available in the city areas as well in the rural areas country wide. We are available to provide products knowledge, latest health and hygiene information via phone, email, facebook chat and web chat to our customers, consumers, retailers, general public and institutions.   

Main Business Activities

M. Kamran Dye Tech (pvt) Ltd is engaged in manufacturing, import, export and indenting, we deal in textile, food, pharmaceuticals dyes, chemicals and consumer household cleaning products for cleaning of floors, tiles, marbles, toilets, bathrooms, and wood, plastic mats or floors. Since 2015 our products range are playing a significant and vital role in the cleaning of houses, hospitals, schools and offices.

Status of Company

The Company is incorporated in Karachi Pakistan as a private limited company

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Phone Numbers

Head Office: Tel: +92-21-3242-8329 Fax: +92-21-3246-3630





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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mkdyetech

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Chartered Accountants

Shahid Chartered Accountant & Co.

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Shah & Co.

Investor Relations

For investor queries please contact: investors@mkdyetech.com

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