Zarit Multipurpose Cleaner

New Advance

Leave Surface Shiny & Residue Free

Kills 99.9% Germs & Bacteria

Scours away dirt & germs build up by easily

Effective on all washable surfaces

Ideal for use in Boring water

Fresh Fragrances

The concentrated and versatile Zarit Multipurpose Cleaner is effective on all washable surfaces of your Kitchen, Bathroom, Home, Office, Factory and Warehouse, suitable for floors, wooden furniture, cabinets, wall plastic and more. It makes your cleaning process easier than ever, achieve a spick-and-span house where you can live comfortably.


In case of eye & skin contact flush thoroughly with water.

If irritation persists please consult physician

Keep out of reach of children

SKU: 715496839026

Quantity: 500 ml (apx)