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M. Kamran Dye Tech Ltd is engaged in manufacturing, importer, supplier and indenter of Dyes and Chemicals in Pakistan. Our products range are playing significant and vital role for consumers.

Well Manufactured

All MK Dye Tech products are made with quality, dedication with professional responsibilities under hygienic and healthy environment.

Simple To Use

MK Dye Tech products are simple but enrich with fast action, capability of killing germs 99.9% and quality household cleaning products.

What We Do

M. Kamran Dye Tech (pvt) Ltd import different kind of chemicals from different countries and also manufacturing some chemicals for household cleaning.

Getting Benefits from Today get MK Dye Tech

MK Dye Tech Products Features FeaturesFeatures

We understand the necessities and requirements of hygiene and clean area, this is our primary responsibilities to educate the public and create the awareness of hygienic and clean healthy atmosphere among public and institutions.

Best Products

As our experience Zarit products are best in their discipline and best in their class.

Fast Action

For killing the Germs, Bacteria and Viruses atmosphere needs fast action, Zarit cleaning products can perform Fast Action.

Germs Killer 99.9%

Zarit products range has the proved ability to kill the germs, bacteria and viruses with 99.9% efficiency rate.

Advanced Formula

Advance Formula of Zarit products are based on vast and dedicated experience of M. Kamran Dye Tech (pvt) Ltd.

Dedicated Teams

Zarit has dedicated team for providing products awareness, hygienic and clean healthy atmosphere.

24X7 support

We are available to provide products knowledge via phone, email, facebook chat and web chat to our customers.

Zarit Multipurpose Cleaner

New Advance

Leave Surface Shiny & Residue Free

Kills 99.9% Germs & Bacteria

Scours away dirt & germs build up by easily

Effective on all washable surfaces

Ideal for use in Boring water

Fresh Fragrances

The concentrated and versatile Zarit Multipurpose Cleaner is effective on all washable surfaces of your Kitchen, Bathroom, Home, Office, Factory and Warehouse, suitable for floors, wooden furniture, cabinets, wall plastic and more. It makes your cleaning process easier than ever, achieve a spick-and-span house where you can live comfortably.


In case of eye & skin contact flush thoroughly with water.

If irritation persists please consult physician

Keep out of reach of children

SKU: 715496839026

Quantity: 500 ml (apx)

Zarit Liquid Hand Wash

Anti Bacterial


Kills 99.9% Germs & Bacteria

Give Clean & Fresh Feelings

Ideal for use in Boring water

Advance Formula

Contains natural extracts, its gentle formulation removes unpleasant cooking odors. Remove germs and bacteria and leave hygienically clean & protected.


In case of eye & skin contact flush thoroughly with water.

If irritation persists please consult physician

Keep out of reach of children

SKU: 715496839057

Quantity: 500 ml (apx)

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